• Beds: 8 + 2
  • Square meters: 86
  • Host: Mikael Russberg
  • Region: Dalarnas län
  • Updated: 2021-01-16
  • Created: 2009-01-01
  • CottageId: 7569

Ski cottage in Tandådalen, Sälen

The house is 86 square meters in two floors. On the ground floor there are two bedrooms with two beds each (one with a double bed and one with a bunk bed). Roomy living room and an open kitchen, toilet (with washing machine), shower and sauna. On the second floor there is one bedroom with two single beds and one slightly narrow double bed, one extra TV room with a sofa bed. Also on the second floor there is a bathroom with shower and toilet. In the cottage there is cable-tv (two tv-sets), DVD-player, a fireplace, cd-player, stove with oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, fridge, freezer and a drying cabinet. Outdoors there are sockets for engine warmers (for the cars).

The house is one half of a red timbered twin house and it is very nice and well kept.

No smoking or animals, please.

Approx. 1,5 km to the ski-slopes in Tandådalen and 3 km to Hundfjället. The ski bus to all ski resorts in Sälen stops 200 m from the cottage. For cross country skiing, there are tracks approx 100 m. from the cottage and the trail over the mountain to Stöten also passes 100 m. from the cottage. The nearest supermarket is 1 km away.

The house is placed at a quiet road and is very child friendly with high snow banks to play in!

E-mail us for further information

v.01.....5.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.02.....5.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.03.....5.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.04.....5.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.05.....6.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.06.....7.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.07.....9.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.08.....9.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.09.....10.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.10.....8.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.11.....8.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.12.....8.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.13.....9.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön) påsk
v.14.....9.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön) påsk
v.15.....5.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.16.....5.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.17.....4.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.18.....4.500 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.19.....4.100 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.20.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.21.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.22.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.23.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.24.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.25.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.26.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.27.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.28.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.29.....3.800 kr/vecka (lör-lör)
v.30.....3.800 kr/vecka (lör-lör)
v.31.....3.800 kr/vecka (lör-sön)
v.32.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.33.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.34.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.35.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.36.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.37.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.38.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.39.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.40.....3.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.41.....3.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.42.....3.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.43.....3.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.44.....3.000kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.45.....3.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.46.....3.000 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.47.....3.200 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.48.....3.400 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.49.....3.600 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.50.....3.800 kr/vecka (sön-sön)
v.51.....12.500 kr/vecka , julaftonsveckan
v.52.....12.500 kr/vecka , nyårsaftonsvecka


  • Cooking facilities
  • Dishwasher
  • Dog sled
  • Dogs not allowed
  • Downhill skiing (snowboard)
  • Drying cabinet
  • Fishing
  • Freezer
  • Indoor swimming facilities
  • Microwave oven
  • Mobile telephone coverage
  • No smoking indoors
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor place (terrace etc)
  • Refrigerator
  • Horse back riding
  • Sauna
  • Separate bedrooms (3 bedrooms with 2-4 beds in each)
  • Shower (2)
  • Snowmobile driving
  • TV (2 sets and DVD player)
  • Washing machine
  • WC (2)
The person responsible for the content of this ad and for the rental of this accommodation is Mikael Russberg